Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Asthmatical consent

Yes. Really quite an awkward thing happening here in France. The first time one of my key account managers produced this really awkward sounding "yes" (in french: 'oui' - pronounce [we]), of course I thought it was lack of pulmonary control or some sort of respiratory issue he was suffering from.

But no. He wasn't the only one doing it and there's no way the french smoke THIS much. My entire team is giving 'vocally challenged consent' every now and then, saying the word "oui" while inhaling. As if they thought they didn't have the time to inhale first, and THEN speak. To be fair to them, they can also say it in a normal way.  
The worst thing is, though, that I haven't really figured out yet which one to expect in what type of situation. I'd like to be prepared the next time it happens. Suppress the urge to call a medic. And may be, sometimes, assimilate and imitate... be french. Just for fun. But as long as I can't even anticipate it, I'll keep my breath.

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