Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pointy brown suede shoes?

OK, what's with the pointy brown suede shoes? Based on a non-representative survey conducted in the 8th and 17th Arrondissement - about 35% of male population in the survey area wear pointy brown suede shoes. 

Maybe there's something I don't get. It could be a dress code of sorts or a symbol of status. All I know is that a significant share of Frenchmen around Paris wear them. I just can't seem to identify the common denominator amongst all pointy brown suede shoe wearers (PBSSW) - apart from the pointy brown suede shoes. 

To be honest, I am surprised to observe that many PBSSW in the capital of fashion. I am certainly not the person to take fashion advice from, but I can tell the good from the bad. I guess you could wear them and still look good - just (probably) not with jeans, chinos or black trousers. It makes the PBSSW look old-fashioned and somewhat clumsy. They could (probably) go well with a navy suit. Personally I would only wear them with a dark brown felt or plush suit, a big afro wig and a fake moustache. 

Maybe pointy brown suede shoes were part of the standard french school uniform a few years back, and some just have a hard time to let go - old habits.

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  1. Hahhaahha love this one, but the rest of them is great too! You need to continue