Monday, March 1, 2010

A Swiss in Frenchland

About this blog: Surely something similar has been done before. And, yes, I know about "A Year in Merde" (I promise to read it!). But this blog is for myself - call it 'egotherapy'. And then, of course, I wouldn't mind if some of my friends and family stop by here every now and then, to see how things go. It's as simple as that.

About France: I've been in France a number of times, in a number of places, for a number of reasons - and I've always enjoyed it very much. The food, the wine, the landscapes... This country definitely has a lot to offer. France is a country to be proud of. And I don't mean this to sound like a disclaimer. I truly believe that France is a great nation - in the big scheme of things.

About Paris: Of course, Paris is not France. It makes for a big part of what France stands for in tthe global eye, but it's not an all-encompassing ball of condensed Frenchness. It's very French, but... different - as far as I can see. Paris is easy to get to from Switzerland, and so I have toured Paris many times for sightseeing. I am still in awe when walking past its many monumental buildings and through its many parks and charming 'quartiers'. But the original excitement has worn off, a bit, and I start to get more detailed in my observation. This is where things get  interesting.

About Observations: Over the past few weeks, I've been traveling back and forth between Geneva and Paris, spending a lot of time in public transport, making a lot of observations. Little anecdotes of frenchness. Things I believe are very typically French. Peculiarities anyone could pick up in any country. But since I live here, in Paris, France - I observe french idiosyncrasies. The good and the bad. Here's what's meant to be a disclaimer: Observations are subjective by nature. They do not necessarily apply to all individuals. So, please don't feel offended or flattered. I probably didn't write about you.         

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